A sting dubbed as the “Operation Cross Country” resulted in the arrests of nearly 281 pimps and 168 child prostitutes in our country. These children were forced into becoming prostitutes by these so called pimps in 106 cities in The United States. They claim that nearly two dozen of these children that were rescued and 38 of the pimps were from California alone.

Targeting areas such as truck stops, casinos, and websites for escort services and even from off the streets, the FBI conducted its eighth annual sting operation. The assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the U.S. Department of Justice said, “Child sex traffickers create a living nightmare for their adolescent victims.” They use fear and force and treat children as commodities of sex.

The amount of children out there hidden and used like this is scary. According to the FBI they say that 10% of the children are never reported as missing from child protective services even though they were under the U.S. child welfare system.

“Many of the children recovered during this operation were never reported missing,” said John Ryan, CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. “When they go missing from child welfare systems, they are literally flying under the radar. No one is reporting them missing, hence no one is looking for them.”

Well duh! No wonder these kids are easy targets for the traffickers. With this kind of information you would think our government would start checking into our child welfare system. Every time a child is missing and the blame point towards them the first thing they cry out is that their budget just doesn’t allow them enough personnel to cover all their cases. I say that is when our government needs to allow this division more money. They think nothing of giving it to other countries when they need something. Well WAKE UP America! We NEED help here in our own country, we need it in our own land!

The children of today are our future. They are who will be the rulers of this land so they truly need to be protected. Ryan claims that nearly one missing child in every seven is forced to enter into the sex trade. Nearly 67% of these children who become victims of trafficking are from the child welfare system.

What’s even sadder is that all these children rescued and all those pimps that were arrested are citizens of the USA so this is not a smuggling issue. When a child goes missing, if the mention of it being a child trafficking issue, usually everyone suspects that the children would be smuggled out of the country but this is not the case here. This is happening right here under our own noses. Something has got to be done to protect these children. Our government needs to step up and find an answer to this. They won’t let ordinary citizens take care of it ourselves so they have to do it.

I wish there was a list of the names of these children who were rescued so I could go through it in hopes of finding names of some of the missing children that I have reported on like Adji Desir or HaLeigh Cummings and Kyron Horman. All these children still have families that are grieving for them. As much as they would hate hearing that they were put through all this, I am sure they would be more than happy to get their kids back. I know I would if it were my child.

I pray that one day an answer can be found to stop all this. As I said before our children are America’s future. They deserve to be treated better. They deserve to live their childhood as normal children then grow into responsible adults that will run our country!

God bless all the children in America! (every where else too)  

Jan Barrett

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