What I am about to tell you will tempt you to read the last page because the last page of this book is worth reading this story. I have never read a story where the last sentence was such a treasure with such tremendous future ramifications.

But… don’t read the last page first. If you did, it would spoil the suspense and you don’t want that because the suspense is really good.

When I was a kid, I would get my allowance on Friday night and on Saturday when my mom and sister were shopping for clothes and such at the Mall, I’d spend my entire allowance (except for my tithe which I’d already put in the envelope) on Gothic romance novels. They were so delicious. I loved those stories. Authors like Phyllis A. Whitney and Daphne DuMaurier to name two made my heart race and my palms sweat with suspense, intrigue, and horror. This story brought all that back and it was absolutely wonderful. Don’t miss a single word. Here’s a taste…

Boys who never age, giants lost in time, mist that never rises, questions never asked…on the most remote of islands off the coast of Maine, history haunts the present and Vera Gamble wrestles with a past that will not yield. Will she find refuge there, or will her ghosts prevail on…Winter Haven

Thirteen years ago, Vera Gamble’s brother left their house, at exactly 4:15 according to the church bells, never to be seen again. Until the day Vera gets a phone call that his body has been found…washed ashore on the tiny island of Winter Haven, Maine. At first the sister decided not to go, then the tears smear her mascara and this little mouse of a woman suddenly decides to shed the safety of her accounting numbers and travel north to claim the body…From the very first moment on this island she tumbles into a tangled mystery. Her brother hasn’t aged a day since last she saw him. Determined to uncover what happened in those lost years, Vera soon discovers there are other secrets lurking in this isolated town. But Winter Haven’s murky past now seems bound to come to light as one woman seeks the undeniable and flooding light of truth.

Dickson has a lot of fun with naming his characters. We’ve got one named Steady, another named Vera which means “in truth” in Latin, one is named Evan Frost, and those are the obvious ones. What a delicious way to have fun with characters. But, don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself.

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