A 6.0 Earthquake Hit near Wells, Nevada This Morning

Another of 9.2 in Alaska Occurred in 1964

Quake Could Have been “Catastrophic” if it Had hit Elsewhere

If 7.2 Earthquake had hit Oakland, CA–It would have “liquified” the City

Nevada One of the States Known for Large Quakes

State Lucky Quake hit in Largely Unpopulated Area

According to the AP, a 6.0 magnitude quake struck today in a sparsely populated area of Nevada, 11 miles southeast of Wells near the Nevada-Utah line.

WELLS, Nev. – A strong earthquake shook rural northeastern Nevada Thursday, causing at least one building to collapse, authorities said. The magnitude of the quake, initially estimated at 6.3, was later revised to 6.0 by the U.S. Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center. The quake, which struck at 6:16 a.m., was centered in a sparsely populated area 11 miles southeast of Wells near the Nevada-Utah line.

While the quake occurred in an unpopulated area in Nevada, what’s generally not known is that over a period of the last 150 years, Nevada ranks in the top three states where large earthquakes have struck. On Oct. 3, 1915, a 7.6 earthquake hit Pleasant Valley near Winnemucca. In 1954, four quakes happened near Fallon, the smallest, a 6.6, the largest, a 7.2.

According to Seismo,

Magnitude 3 and 4 earthquakes are commonly felt, but rarely cause damage. Minor to moderate damage can accompany a magnitude 5 or 6 event, and major damage commonly occurs from earthquakes of magnitude 7 and greater. Although earthquakes don’t occur at regular intervals, the average frequency of earthquakes of magnitude 6 and greater in Nevada has been about one every ten years, while earthquakes of magnitude 7 and greater average once every 27 years.

It’s also a matter of location, location, location, in where a quake strikes. If the same 6.0 that struck this morning near Wells had hit Las Vegas the damage toll might have been far different.

Was anything unusual about the Wells, Nevada quake? How bad could it have been had it occurred elsewhere in the US?
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Nevada 6.0 Quake: USGS Numbers Game in Seismology


Nevada 6.0 Quake: USGS Numbers Game in Seismology

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