Two Videos of Larry Sinclair, Including an Interview on Why He Came Forward

Obama Supporters Are Outraged, But a 2003 Story Challenges His Recollection

At the Moment, only Obama and Sinclair have the Answers

One Gay Man’s Crusade to Expose Obama’s Alleged Drug and Gay Sex Past


Larry Sinclair has found himself alone, a voice in the MSM wilderness, a gay man on a crusade against a power political machine and its minions, the MSM.

Since Larry Sinclair came forward one month ago with his diatribe on Youtube, he claims he’s been ignored by the Obama campaign and the MSM, and that he has been been threatened with violence, of getting beaten up and shot, by, he says, Obama supporters.

n a radio interview, Sinclair claims he tried to contact the Obama campaign back in September after Obama stated in a book that his drug use was limited to his high school years.

Sinclair says he was appalled by Obama claiming his past drug use was limited to his early years. Sinclair alleges he met up with Obama back in November of 1999 at a Chicago “uptown lounge” when Obama was a state representative.

Sinclair claims he and Obama “partied” in a limo rented by Sinclair. Sinclair remembers dates and names the limo company, Five Star Limosine Service, out of Chicago. Sinclair names the town where he alleges he and Obama had gay sex and did coke at a motel in Gurnee, Illinois. And Sinclair challenges Obama to take a lie detector test while Sinclair has agreed to take one too.

Sinclair says he sees the enthusiasm and idealism of the young Obama supporters who see Obama as a truthful candidate but says those same idealistic supporters have threatened Sinclair with violence after he posted his video on Youtube.

What story, published in 2003, challenges Obama’s claims to be drug-free since High School?

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Obama: Gay Man Threatened Over Sex, Drug Claims


Obama: Gay Man Threatened Over Sex, Drug Claims

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