Wisconsin and Washington Hold Democrat Primaries, Hawaii Holds Caucuses this Week

Consulting the Stars: How will Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama do?
Who has the edge, Astrologically-speaking Between Clinton and Obama this Week?

Another in the DBKP 2008 Political Astrology series.

Under the star’s benevolence, who will receive celestial glad tidings and the key to the White House?

We thought it was time to look once again at the frontrunners of the 2008 Presidential election and their astrological forecasts. As Hillary Clinton and Obama Barack battle it out in the Democratic primaries will the “stars” affect them in different ways?

Hillary Clinton, using Birth time as 8:02 AM, Tropical Placidus Natal Chart

Feb. 17th Mars Conjunct Uranus
Actions can be taken without due thought or consideration, and this can create future difficulties, through following unwise choices. A lack of sensitivity to others, and a diminution of common sense, can occur; and you may look for ways to release the sudden pressure that can rapidly build up inside you. In extreme cases, this can be expressed through explosions of temper and anger at any provocation, even to the point of physical violence; certainly attempts to release the energy through verbal and emotionally directed violence towards a partner are common. Source – Astrology Weekly

Hillary may find herself being abrupt and rude with others. Hillary’s drive for freedom and authority may find her acting rash and headstrong.

Feb 18. Venus Sextile Jupiter

You may find solutions to whatever problems you have. You will feel social and gregarious.

Barack Obama, Birth time 12 AM, Tropical Placidus Natal Chart

So who has the edge next Tuesday, astrologically?

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Clinton and Obama Astrology Forecast: February 14, 2008


Clinton and Obama Astrology Forecast: February 14, 2008
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