Who was the Mysterious Lou of the Bravo TV Series, Real Housewives of OC?

Peripheral character, who shoehorned his way into the series, died in April 2007

How Lou Built One Fortune, Lost it and Was on His Way to Another

Lou, we hardly knew ye…

It’s the third season of the Bravo TV Reality series, Real Housewives of Orange County.

We’ve come to follow the lives of Jeanna, Vicki, Lauri, Tammy, and the newest ‘Housewife’ additions, Tamra and Quinn.

The series opened with the news of the death of Tammy’s ex, 67-year-old Lou. A peripheral character who managed to be on the show with a new product line, OC Energy Drink.

Part of the back story on Real Wives about Tammy and her two daughters with Lou was how they were used to an extra ‘extra’ lavish lifestyle until Tammy’s then “older” husband Lou filed for bankruptcy.

Flash forward: Tammy is divorced from Lou and dealing with living with less income and a simpler lifestyle. Tammy’s two daughters are dealing with the fact that their father left them with no will and no inheritance, that he “promised” he’d always “take care of them.”

Tammy had a long term relationship and son with Duff after her split with Lou. The second season focused on Duff’s attempt to rekindle something with Tammy. It also saw Lou come into the show via his new “business,” OC Energy Drink, and his relationship with his two daughters with Tammy, Megan and Lindsey.

His schtick: hire the lovely daughters of the OC ladies to “advertise” the drink as “OC Angels.” Sort of “live” product placement in a show that worked quite well.

Lou’s OC Energy Drink was a comeback after his L.L Knickerbocker went belly-up.

Some say it was “the tip of the iceberg”.

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