The Fred Thompson campaign Picked Up its 14th Pro-Life Endorsement Yesteday

The Endorsement of the New Hampshire Citizens for Life is Timely

Endorsement comes as a Promising Performance in the ABC News Debates is Noted

In the run-up to the New Hampshire primary this week, the Fred Thompson campaign announced another endorsement from a conservative, pro-life group.

Yesterday, Fred Thompson announced the endorsement of Citizens for Life, the New Hampshire affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.

“Granite State voters like no-nonsense candidates who stand up for their beliefs. Fred Thompson is such a candidate,” said Roger Stenson, Citizens for Life Executive Director.

“Fred Thompson had a 100% pro-life voting record as a member of the United States Senate. For all of us who care about the dignity and sanctity of human life and the most basic freedom upon which our nation was founded – the right to life – Fred Thompson is a leader of great promise.”

Citizens for Life is the 14th state pro-life organization to endorse Senator Thompson for President.

“I’m blessed and honored to have the endorsement of Citizens for Life for President of the United States,” said Senator Thompson.

“These folks in the Granite State are the 14th organization coast to coast that has voted to endorse my candidacy, and more likely will, because they know I have stood with them yesterday, I stand with them today, and will stand with them tomorrow. They know I have the ability to win this election. They know I believe in the sanctity of life and as President I will do all that I can to do to protect life.”

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Fred Thompson Announces New Hampshire Pro-Life Endorsement


Fred Thompson Announces New Hampshire Pro-Life Endorsement

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