It is a sad day for democracy today following the assassination of Pakistani Prime Minister Banazir Bhutto. One of Bhutto’s Security Officials open fired on the Prime Minister’s entourage before detonating a suicide bomb, killing Bhutto and at least fifteen others. This attack from within brings to light how infiltrating terrorism has become at even the highest levels of security.

Al Qaeda made an early statement claiming responsibility for the atrocity but the claim remains unconfirmed by U.S. Officials who say it will take several days to determine who is at fault. Several other organizations have made claims of responsibility on Internet chat rooms known to be used by Islamic militants but such postings are infamously unreliable.

Banazir Bhutto represented the strongest American supporter in Pakistan and her death is a substantial blow to U.S. relations in the Middle East. The question remains whether President Bush will see this as a substantial enough attack to require American intervention. Will Pakistan be the new Afghanistan in regard to U.S. Military movements?

With her death, Bhutto takes with her Pakistan’s greatest hope for peace and democracy. Although supporters anticipated a rigged election, Bhutto was still gaining popularity among the citizens of her country. Pakistan now faces difficult times and possible civil war.

Deus Ex Machina blogs at Breakable News

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