Offstumped stumbled on this rather revealing piece in the NDTV by Sunetra Chaudhary on how she came of age.

Now before your eyes start rolling we are talking all things cranial and nothing below.

This piece is a must read for two reasons.

The first reason is it provides a window into the mind of an entire generation of Indians who were too young to remember the Indira Gandhi monopoly on national politics, barely absorbed Rajiv Gandhi’s muslim appeasement and soft Hindutva but quite vividly absorbed the 1990s through their adolescence and were intellectually primed for adulthood by the 2000s with an overdose of leftist political correctness.

The second reason it explains why most reportage in the media is biased one way and most of those who report have consciences laden with an excess of guilt.

Offstumped will spare you an entire reproduction of this exercise in naivety by Sunetra but a few comments are worth highlighting.

In 2002, I was barely 3 years into journalism. I didn’t understand the difference between riots and genocide.

Little wonder she doesnt even now,be that as it may this comment is very interesting as it highlights how poorly informed this generation is with no appreciation of recent history on justice to riot victims.

Endless newspaper reports, NGOs, citizens groups and the Tehelka expose had all exposed the slow and sometimes perverted pace of justice for the Gujarat riot victims.

Well that is just beginning of it. This particular sequence of comments are even more insightful on the overdose of political correctness this Generation has been intellectually nurutured with.

it seemed like maybe, just maybe, professing love for Modi may just be a survival technique in Gujarat.

Now for a moment let us speculate on what exactly one must be attempting to “survive” in Gujarat. Especially a state which this Business Standard story quoting a RBI report and a study by CII, IRMA talks of increase in average employment, 97% increase in net enrollment of girls in schools, and a reduction in drop out rate to 3%.

Well Sunethra provides you the answer

How else do you live with signs across the city, which welcome you to a Hindu Rashtra?  Perhaps Muslims have to develop partial blindness to these VHP boards across Gujarat, which deny the very existence of their community.

Perhaps Sunethra has not heard of the Bible Belt or the Presidential debate in the United States that has candidate after candidate affirming their Judeo-Christian credentials. But then she wont because religious minorities in the U.S. dont just survive suffering paranoia, they thrive exploiting Opportunity. To them an affirmation by the majority of its judeo-christian faith does little to diminish the separation between Church and State or the Secular nature of Governance or the freedom with which they enjoy their faith unencumbered like the Hindu Temple in Atlanta in the heart of the Bible Belt and the largest in North America.

More drivel by Sunethra reflecting her generation has been brought up to feel guilty about a public affirmation of faith but let us close this piece with this remark that explains how political correctness has fuelled a sense of offense and paranoia into the minority community.

They also won’t hear leader after leader in an election rally crying out Bharat Mata ki Jai. Amnesia is not a bad quality to have either. How about forgetting that you are a Muslim?

But then little does this generation know that every election rally in secular, progressive and liberal United States, across the political spectrum from the Democrats to the Republicans ends with “God bless America” which neither has Hindus in the U.S. forgetting they are Hindu nor Muslims in the U.S. forgetting they are Muslims.

Now one can have an intellectual debate on how important faith is to one personally and if the separation of church and state is intact and if governance is secular.

Offstumped Bottomline: To paint a public affirmation by the majority of its faith as being wrong and then to ascribe offense and paranoia to the minority faith on account of this affirmation is reflective how much intolerance towards faith this generation carries much thanks to the overdose of political correctness.

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