In an effort to unseat the man who helped Bush cover up warrantless domestic wiretapping, the manipulation of intelligence to shanghai us into war in Iraq, the outing of a covert CIA agent, and the CIA’s use of torture, I’m posting this release from entrepreneur Greg Orman, an Olathe, Kansas area Democrat who announced today he will challenge Pat Roberts in 2008. From the press release;

Kansas Businessman and Entrepreneur Greg Orman
to Run for United States Senate

Orman: “Everyday Kansans Deserve a Senator with the Right Priorities”

Olathe, KS – Olathe businessman and entrepreneur Greg Orman (D) today filed his official Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission, making it official that Orman will challenge long-term incumbent Pat Roberts in the 2008 election for United States Senate.

“As I look at what’s going on in Washington, and the course we’re on as a nation, I am convinced we can and should be doing better,” Orman said of his decision to run.

“Like so many Kansans, I’m disappointed and deeply troubled by the inaction, infighting, and ineffectiveness on display in Washington today. And I’m prepared to offer the people of Kansas a United States Senator with the right priorities who can help get America moving in a positive direction again.”

Orman, whose father owned and operated a furniture store in Stanley, Kansas beginning in 1971, is the founder of Environmental Lighting Concepts – the mission of which was to assist businesses in becoming more energy-efficient. While Orman was at the helm of ELC, the company installed energy-saving lighting systems that led to a cumulative reduction of over one million tons of emissions – roughly the equivalent of taking 20,000 automobiles off the road forever.

Orman sold Environmental Lighting Concepts to KLT Energy Services Inc., a subsidiary of Kansas City Power & Light in 1997, and agreed to join the company as an executive focused on new business development. Since joining KLT – and subsequently leading his own company, Denali Partners – Orman has directly assisted numerous small businesses in their efforts to grow and compete in the global marketplace.

Orman for US Senate is planning an official campaign announcement tour in the coming weeks.

The time to rid our country of those who have aided Bush’s cabal of warmongers, corporatists, and cronies has come. Hopefully with new blood like Greg Orman, Democrats can take back our Democracy and lead our country into a new day.

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