What’s Going to Happen?

Nobody Knows, Everybody’s Guessing
A state of confusion and shock in the college football world?

What could be better!

After #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia both lost last night, who’s going to be in the title game is a guess–and there are plenty of those being made right now.

Here are some of the best guesses right now. Some are naturally touting Ohio State, some LSU, some Georgia. Who ever they’re pushing, remember: they’re all just guesses until the BCS Selection Show on Fox at 8 pm tonight (Sunday).

Now the picks.


Staff writer Brian Davis projects the five BCS games as things stand today.Allstate BCS national championship: Ohio State vs. LSU

FedEx Orange: Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia

Tostitos Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. Arizona State

Allstate Sugar: Georgia vs. Kansas

Rose: USC vs. Hawaii
–Dallas News – BCS Disarray

Yes, it’s a mess and a big one, too. All we can do is sit, wait and see. Our prediction for the BCS game is Ohio State and LSU.
–OG Paper – BCS Championship
Ohio State (11-1) entered the weekend at No. 3 and looks like it’s in, essentially because it only lost once. Sure it only played 12 games (to most team’s 13), took on a weak non-conference slate, beat no really good teams, lost three weeks ago at home to Illinois and didn’t play anyone in two weeks, but in this season … hey, step on up you’re a winner, please try to play better than last year.After that, who knows for sure?

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BCS Championship Show Projections, Predictions Round-Up


BCS Championship Show Projections, Predictions Round-Up

BCS Championship

BCS Disarray

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