A 12 Year old Child did nothing except to answer the front door Sunday morning in Phildelphia Pa. when he was shot and killed. The Philadelphia Police reported there had been a knock on the door around 2:45 a.m. When the boy went to answer the door a single gunshot was fired through the window on the door risking the child in his head killing him.

The child’s name has not been released yet but investigators say the boy was at the home of his grandmother and his 10 year old Sister. The police do not believe that the boy was the intended victim and there has not been any arrests made.

There was no description of who shot the boy but they know only one shot was made. The police found a 9mm shell casing on the front porch, but as of right now they have no other leads according to Deputy Commissioner Melvin Singleton.

The police are asking if anyone has any information that could help this child murder to please give crime stoppers a call. You don’t have to give your name so please someone that know anything please help find this killer. This little boy had no way to defend himself and he sure didn’t expect to be shot and killed.

My thoughts and prayers are with this little boy’s family. This has got to be devastating to them. May this child rest in peace!

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