Day in and day out the Democrat Party makes its bid for defeat in Iraq and the war on Terrorism. Many of us out here in “flyover country” wonder on a daily basis why so many of our representatives in Congress have invested themsleves wholly for defeat? Well, here is a chance to do something about that.

12 U.S. Military veterans have come together to run for Congress across this great land and they are running on a platform of VICTORY in this great struggle in which we are engaged. Take a visit to the website, where you will see info on all 12 candidates.



Whether Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine, we all shared a common goal in Iraq: victory. As Republican candidates for Congress we share a vision for America’s future, her security, and that of future generations. We are unified in our commitment to relieve the Democrats of their command of Congress.

Voters want to restore leadership and honor back to Washington. Who better to accomplish that mission than our generation of warriors?

All veterans whose service to the United States brought them first to Iraq and now to a run for the House as pro-victory Republicans are welcome to become part of Iraq Veterans For Congress.

United we are capable of sending to Congress a squad-size element of Iraq vets to keep us on offense in the War on Terror and counter calls for defeat.

In short, unification of all Republican Iraq Veterans will be a powerful force multiplier. By joining forces we will generate crucial nationwide grassroots support while sharing ideas and strategies.

This is a great way to highlight a victory platform so please pass the word on about this effort.

The candidates each have a link to where you can donate you financial support.

Here is a list of the candidates and for what seat they are running:

Kieran Michael Lalor   
United States Marine Corps Veteran   
NY’s 19th District

Lee Zeldin   
United States Army Veteran   
NY’s 1st District

Wayne Harmon   
United States Marine Corps Veteran   
Indiana’s 7th District

Allen West   
United States Army Veteran   
Florida’s 22nd District

William Breazeale   
United States Army Veteran   
North Carolina’s 7th District

Chris Edenfeld   
United States Army Veteran   
Georgia’s 12th District

Eric Egland   
United Sates Air Force Veteran   
California’s 4th District

Duncan Hunter   
United States Marine Corps Veteran   
California’s 52nd District

Paul Phillips   
United States Air Force Veteran   
Ohio’s 18th District

Scott Radcliffe   
United States Army Veteran   
Ohio’s 5th District

William Russell   
United States Army Veteran   
Pennsylvania’s 12th District

Charlie Summers   
United States Navy Veteran   
Maine’s 1st District

Be sure and support any or all of these great, patriotic and worthy candidates. And remember, SUPPORT VICTORY.

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