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It’s enough that the American Criminal Liberties Union is trying to bring down our Judeo-Christian culture by attacking anyone with crosses or the word God in it and defending the rights of pedophiles and child rapists, now they think they can make state policy.

Tariq Ramadan, that well-known terrorist supporter, was banned from entering the US in 2006 on the grounds that he aided a terrorist group by making charitable contributions to a Palestinian aid group from 1998 to 2002. The ACLU, of course, finds that abhorable. Now they’re defending the rights of non-American citizens. Talk about a God complex!

A U.S. government attorney urged a judge not to interfere with the decision to block a prominent Muslim scholar from entering the country. But an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer told U.S. District Judge Paul A. Crotty on Thursday that the government violated the First Amendment rights of the groups that invited the scholar, Tariq Ramadan, to speak.

There’s really no surprise here. The ACLU would support Dr. Goebbels to enter our country for propaganda purposes until we wet to war with Germany.

Assistant U.S. attorney David Jones told the judge that Congress had made clear that courts were not to overturn State Department decisions on excluding foreigners from entering the U.S. He urged Crotty not to force the government to relax anti-terrorism policies and let Ramadan into the country.

At any rate, “there simply is not an epidemic of ideological exclusion,” Jones said.

Crotty did not immediately rule in the case, though he said the law seemed clear that he cannot second-guess the ruling by a State Department consular officer.

Damn right you can’t. And the ACLU has no business telling the State Department how to run its foreign relations.

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