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A blog for students engaged in doctoral studies in the field of human rights, called PhD studies in human rights, posted and article entitled “Muslim World Journal of Human Rights” (Now there’s a contradiction in terms) in which it links to an article by Barb Rieffer-Flanagan, entitled “Improving Democracy in Religious Nation-States: Norms of Moderation and Cooperation in Ireland and Iran”. Quite a mouthful but your thesis has to sound impressive for the pinheads in academia to hold any water.

At any rate, you read that right. She’s comparing Ireland to Iran! And get this. She posits that the same process that transpired in Ireland between Protestants and Catholics could be used to move Iran towards civil rights in that country.

And you wonder why academics have no clue as to what’s really happening in the world. I’d love to be on her thesis committee.

Many in the human rights community have expressed concern about the illiberal religious political system found in Iran today. However, Iran is not unique in its illiberal religious nationalism. Some contemporary liberal democracies in the West also have a history of illiberal religious nationalism. The English and later the British discriminated against Catholics in various ways. The Irish also have a history of discrimination against Protestants and inequality towards women which was based on a deep seated illiberal Catholic nationalism.

Moral equivalency between good and evil run amok. This deluded moonbat is actually comparing the act of discrimination by Catholics and Protestants to the burning of churches, beheading of apostates, hanging of homosexuals and stoning of adulterers.

In all of these cases moderation and liberalization occurred over time. An interesting question is whether moderation over time might be repeated outside of Europe, especially in religiously based nations in the Middle East.

Hey Barb? I think you need a remedial course in world history. Islam does not and can not allow moderation. It is the word of Allah written down verbatim by Mohammed to all Muslims.

When looking especially at the evolution of Ireland we notice that: economic prosperity spread throughout the population, the perception of a threat from the United Kingdom declined, European norms were spread within Ireland, and there were scandals within the Catholic Church.

Did you catch the indoctrination she parroted? A literal laundry list of Leftist philosophy. And economic prosperity improved civil rights. Isn’t that the mantra of the Left? Muslims in the Middle East hate the infidel because Muslims are economically disadvantaged?

And here’s the brainwashing showing through again.

If the external threats to Iran were removed and economic prosperity was to spread, as corruption and scandals came to light, we might expect that Iran may begin to moderate its political system.

Right. Like the average Iranian isn’t aware of the corruption of the Mullahs. Iranians live in a totalitarian theocracy and are just too scared to do anything about it.

Dream on, lady, dream on. And remember she may be teaching your kid in college someday.

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