Night at the Museum without Ben Stiller, oder was? In what surely must be a concerted protest action against something really bad, although I just cannot figure out what the hell it is yet (maybe against cultureless Neanderthals like me?), 110 Berlin museums will be remaining open again tomorrow night during another one of Berlin’s popular “The Long Night of Museums” events or phenomena or whatever it is you might want to call them.

This is the 21st time that they have done this so they must really mean business. With their protest Aktion, I mean. But is this anyway to run a business? Even if it is the museum business which isn’t really a business at all? Anyway, if you are so inclined, you can visit some or even, theoretically, all of these places late into the night or early the next morning (2am), whether on foot or on guided bus tour. If you are so inclined, like I said.

Maybe I will go and check out “New York States of Mind” at the newly-remodeled Pregnant Oyster (The House of World Cultures). But, then again, maybe I won’t. I don’t know if I can get into the proper New York or even Berlin state of mind once it’s past my bedtime, which is usually before it even gets dark around here.

Come visit me at Observing Hermann…

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