There are host of choices to select from when deciding on a web host for your website that you could end up confused. Every web host company makes different claims to promote their brand, although only a few actually are honest about the offerings and give satisfactory results in the end.

You’ve done much of the hard work by arriving at a good blog title or domain name with huge brand and business potentials, after a lot of creative brainstorming and research. You definitely will not want all that efforts go to waste by committing launching on a web host company with little or no credibility.

But besides the issue of trust and reliability, ensure to do your detailed research — including the updated knowledge from this article —, read independent customers reviews on independent websites and look out for these other characteristics.

1. Solid and reliable

What’s the reputation and record of the web hosting company you’re considering in providing the solid backbone and dependability that ensures client websites are consistently running without hitches? That is very vital as every moment a website goes down, it loses a significant number of visitors. And that also equates to loss of profit, reputations and brand value — even if it’s only momentary.

As part of background check on a web host you’re looking at, find out the size of their customer base (that tells you of their reliability). Also find out if they have a guaranteed up-time, see if there are complaints about them and look out for the consistent ones. If you can, ask others their user experience with the web host plans.   Additionally, it is important to choose a service that offers all round flexibility. A web host that offers domain services as well ensures a streamlined website management.  In fact, some of the best like Free Parking start by offering cheap domain name deals before introduction to  hosting packages. You can start with their domain name options here on

2. Prompt

The web culture encompasses a lot of features, but the one thing you cannot miss about it is speed. Web users don’t want a second delay and definitely will be put off by any images or other web contents loading slowly or not loading at all. Often, a slowly loading website is as a result of an overburdened server of the web host or a slow network. Ensure your web host can guarantee a blazing fast speed, or else you’ll be losing existing and potential traffic and profit with blazing speed.

3. Space

How much disk space can your web host allocate? Do they allow you enough room to maximise the vast opportunities on the web with images, videos, graphics and other heavy contents/data? You should be able to get enough space from your web host company to do whatever you plan to do with your website.

4. Large bandwidth

Normally, when a website attracts an excessive number of visitors and takes up too much bandwidth, the web host cuts off the website or bills it more. They do this so a website doesn’t exhaust all their server resources. But for your business or branding objectives, you could need more bandwidth at some point. So, ensure your selected web host company has substantial bandwidth that you could buy more when you need it sometime soon.

5. Advanced technology and features

When it comes to launching a website, make sure you have all the support and security of superior technology and features of a modern web host company. Never compromise on the need to having all the options that boosts and sustain your online presence and visibility. Check the control panel of your intended web host and other technical details such as the number of sub-domains allowed, databases, their scripting language support and whether they’re hosted on a Windows or Unix platform.

6. Number of domains and sub domains

If you get your digital business and branding right, there’s a good chance you’ll e expanding soon and need increased presence online with one or two more domains. It would be inconveniencing to have to run separate hosting accounts for each of the new websites. Therefore, ensure that the web host company you’re considering can allow you host multiple domains.

7. Adequate email

Discover if there’s  a cap to the number of email boxes you can have, as well as other email support features you can access. And ensure you have full control over them and allowed to manage them yourself.

8. Secure location

The location of your web host server can determine the speed and reliability of your site. Local host companies are more likely to guarantee these benefits, in addition to their easier reach. It’s recommended that you chose a web host company domiciled in the same country as most of the visitors to your website. Also ensure your vital data and information stored on the web are safe and secure on your host’s servers.

9. Mobile version or app

While some would consider a mobile website or app a bonus, savvy CEOs and online managers know this is simply an indispensable feature of contemporary and serious website. So make sure your web host offers a mobile version for website; and it can be optimized for all mobile devices.

10. Standard quotes and payment plans

In website hosting, you generally get what you pay for. Make sure you are clear on the pricing, plans and payment options before you sign up.

A note of caution here: Be careful not to fall prey to web host companies that tempt people with deceptive low prices but turn around to drill a hole in your pocket with outrageous monthly hidden charges. Their goal is often to lure you with their “incredible” discounts and offers, get your card details and activate a monthly auto deduction of hidden charges.

  1. 24/7 quality customer and technical care

The internet, they say, never sleeps. That’s it dynamic nature and your web host company must inculcate this core principle with round the clock, quality and integrated customer and technical support.

Ensure your web host company cannot just provide you swift response when you need it, but also give you satisfactory and useful technical support and answers all the time or when have an issue that needs quick addressing.

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