It’s Power Rangers time once again! There has been a show based on the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers on television since I first began school. I have seen Zeo, Turbo, the one where the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers got their ninja powers after Ivan Ooze almost killed Alpha and Zordon in the Power Rangers movie, some strange one where they were in space, Rescue Rangers (or something to that affect), and Dino-Thunder Power Rangers. I’m sure there’s been at least four or five that I have missed in between all of those.

For all whose culinary tastes rise above Easy Mac and Gushers, it must have certainly appeared that the Power Rangers franchise was at a well prolonged end. But, just like Billy, the nerd who helped Alpha in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers but ended up as the blue Power Ranger in both Zeo and Turbo, Power Rangers on television has stuck around and reinvented itself one more time.

The new series from Jetix is Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. The first section of the series, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Brownbeard’s Pearl, is now available on DVD. Included on the disk are six episodes, Kick It Into Overdrive Part One, Kick It Into Overdrive Part Two, The Underwater World, Heart Of Blue, Weather Or Not, and Pirate In Pink. The DVD also includes biographies of each Power Ranger and a Ranger Reserve Training Game – Level One.

The series is surprisingly fun and interesting. It captures the exuberance and hope of the original series and is something the whole family can enjoy.

This DVD is available at

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