The Minnesota judge hearing Senator Craigs motion to withdraw his guilty plea ruled today the Idaho Republican had his day in court and the conviction will stand. Judge Charles Porter of Hennepin County District Court denied Craig’s contention his plea resulted from a rushed desire to avoid exposure when an undercover officer arrested him in an airport men’s room.

Senator Craig’s initial announcement he would resign from the Senate after the scandal broke was quickly backtracked while the lawmakers attorneys vowed to seek a change of plea. 

Shunned by fellow republicans on the hill Craigs office issued several wait and see responses to questions on his political future. The disgraced Senator a pillar of the pro evangelical neoconservative right and on the short list of possible G.O.P vice presidential candidates. Now a pariah on capitol hill his former colleagues and friends avoid him in the corridors of power. 

The misdemeanor conviction on disorderly conduct was related to the Senators attempt to solicit homosexual sex acts in a public bathroom during a police sting operation. 

The Senator claims it was all a misunderstanding related to his need for a “wide stance” while using the stall and denies the undercover officers report that Craig engaged in clear hand and foot signals associated with the resurgence of individuals using public restrooms in airports to solicit sexual encounters. Authorities point to the ability of posting instant messages on boards that can be accessed with black berry and pocket phone computer technology as a factor in the rising problem.

The gay community in general expresses concern for the lack of responsibility with the practice since its locality, Public airport restrooms are frequented by children who risk exposure and the danger posed from molesters.

The Senator in the face of comprehensive reporting to the contrary dating back several decades, Insists he is not a homosexual. A lawyer who represented a teenage house page in 1983 recently confirmed Senator Craig was one of the house members who molested him. 

The Senator who established a political power base urging denial of gay rights and criminalisation of the behavior faces possible senate ethical charges should he choose to not carry through with his stated intention to resign.     

P S Burton

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