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Ever see that commercial with the huckster slaps their forehead and says, “Gee. I could have had a V-8!” after realizing that they made a stupid mistake? Will there be a “Gee. I could have had a V-8!” moment when the useful idiots on the Left and the dhimmis in the free world realize that fundamentalist Muslims pay no heed or loyalty to the nations they live in? That such beliefs were not slyly hidden from non-Muslims but openly displayed in thought, words and deeds long before it has to be finally confronted by the free world?

And how can Muslims assimilate into non-Muslim societies when their leadership preach things like this?

ISLAMABAD, Sep 30 (APP): Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on Sunday stressed for unity among the Muslim Ummah to face the challenges of this century and remove and misgivings about Muslims and Islam. “Muslim Ummah is often misunderstood, but if it is truly united, can effectively use its clout and influence in the world for better understanding of Islam and the Muslims”, he told the Islamabad-based diplomats from the Muslim countries at an Iftar dinner here at the Prime Minister House.

Now how can you build a unique nation with their own ideas of democracy that protect human rights when the very population that is ‘assimilating’ does not see itself as a citizen of that country but a member of a supra-national body called the Ummah? Or in other words, as one noted German leader said something to effect of ‘wherever there is a German there is Germany’ meaning Germans no matter what country they live in owe allegiance to Germany first. Germans then were called members of the Reich.

Reich, Ummah, what’s the difference? Members owe no allegiance to another nation or society.

The Prime Minister said the Muslim Ummah, which has ruled most parts of the world and was known for its knowledge and modern ideas through best scientists and mathematicians, can regain its past glory with a sense of shared efforts and work.

He said Islam – a faith of peace, tolerance and harmony – is now misunderstood as a faith of violence and there was a need to remove such misgivings by projecting a true image of Islam.

Yes. We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to see the true image of Islam. Still waiting. Still waiting for Muslim leadership like the PM to step down from their high horse and be more concerned with Muslims being good members of their non-Muslim societies rather then claim victim hood and circle the wagons.

All we hear today is how Muslims are trying to dominate not assimilate into non-Muslim and moderate Muslim nations.

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