We’re in the post election phase here in the Philippines, and the good news is that the opposition got a lot of the Senate seats.

Even if you don’t back the opposition, at least it shows that the government didn’t rig the election.

But there have been some terrible things, such as someone burned down a school where they were counting votes. One teacher and her son (both badly burned) were interviewed on TV news today.

But sometimes the news about the count makes one wonder. For example, today headlines proclaim “Eduardo Robillo, NASSA NAMFREL Chairman of Davao City, said Recto had an additional 100,000 votes in the official Commission on Elections canvassing in Davao compared to NAMFREL’s own quickcount results.

He said NAMFREL’s quickcount recorded 129,401 votes in 3,038 precincts for Recto while COMELEC had 227,590 votes in 3,590 precincts for the same TU bet.

“Almost 100,000 additional votes, this is statistically impossible,” Robillo told ABS-CBN News Channel.

I don’t know Davao politics, so don’t know who is trying to pull a fast one in this, or if there was actually a “clerical error”.


———Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and fishmarket 

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