What would you do if you bought a box of crackers and when you opened it you found an envelope with $10,000 all in $100 bills? Would you keep it or do the right thing and turn it in to authorities?

First of all I can’t imagine getting that lucky but Sandra Rogoff sure was. On October 10th she took out the box of Annie’s Sour Cream and Onion Cheddar Bunny crackers from her cupboard and when she opened it she found the unmarked envelope next to the bagged crackers in the box. Can you just imagine her surprise?

Once word got out to the family they all gathered around taking pictures of her holding the money and then they tried to figure out how the money got there to begin with. After about 15 minutes of having fun Debra called the police because she knew she couldn’t keep this money. “We just thought, this is someone’s money,” she said. “We would never feel good about spending it.”

The crackers were purchased at Whole Foods at the District Shopping Center in Tustin, California. When police arrived they assumed the money was a part of a drug drop. They went to Whole Foods and were told by the managers that an elderly woman had come in a hysterical mood saying she had mistakenly returned a box of crackers to the store with her life savings in it. She explained that she was frightened by the government takeover of several banks, so she took all her money out of the banks and decided to keep it in her home. She hid the money inside the box of crackers.

Luckily for the woman there was a mixup at the store and the boxed crackers was sent back to be restocked on the shelves. Police said that Whole Foods normally send their returned food to a composting facility so they told the woman her money was more than likely gone now. Debra Rogoff said the woman must have glued the top of the box to make it appear unopened because she would never have bought it if it looked as though it had been opened.

The unbelievable part afterwards is that the elderly woman has not contacted the Rogoff’s to thank them at all and there was no reward offered either. A few weeks later Rogoff returned to the store and asked could she at least get another box of crackers, which they obliged her. When Whole Foods officials were contacted they did not return the call to make any comments.

Congratulations to the Rogoff’s for doing the right thing with the money but it sure seems as though the elderly woman could have at least contacted you to say thank you. That is the least she could have done. Not everyone would have done the right thing by returning the money like you did. God bless you and your family for it.

Jan Barrett

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