NASCAR is growing by leaps and bounds. Once the stereotype of a NASCAR fan was a guy driving a lifted 4×4 with a rifle rack, filthy baseball cap adorning his head, tobacco juice staining his cheeks, a hunting dog or twelve riding alongside him as he headed to the bar to get drunk.
    Times hav changed. Now NASCAR is hyped as the next great thing and interest is growing. That interest includes politics, apparently.
     Heath Schuler has apparently decided the secret to getting elected is not holding the positions his constituents hold, taking a bold stance on a controversial issue or coming up with a brilliant plan to revitalize a key sector of North Carolina. No, the secret to winning the election is plastering his name on a car hurtling by at the speeds NASCAR attains.
    Sadly, there is an excellent chance it will help. It has never made sense to me that people will vote for a candidate because of name familiarity. But the evidence seems clear…they will.
    Witness for example the dead man who was recently elected. Witness the credibility instantly brought to any campaign simply because people have heard of the candidate. Why bother seeing if you agree with him or her? If you have heard of them, they must be the best option.
    So best wishes for Schuler, hope that advertising works out for you…and here is hoping at some point the electorate grows a brain.
     I think the saddest thing I ever saw in this regard was a class I was taking at PSU. Week after week the students would try to outdo each other in blasting Bush for his evil politics. They talked about how uninformed the electorate was that they would vote for Bush.
    All well and good. Many people believe that way and I can respect that. At least, I could…if the same people blasting the “uninformed electorate” for voting for Bush had not elected to a Portland city position Sam Adams because he had the name of a beer they liked.
   Frankly, even compared to voting for someone because they plaster their name on a race car, that is just pathetic.

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