Now you can have the 100 greatest speeches, news stories, personalities, scandals and sports moments. These 5 CD’s illustrate the greatest of the 20th century’s events. What I find very odd is that this box set covers both recent and not so recent news. Through this box set you can meet the movers and shakers of recent history and some things that just moved and shaked.

100 Greatest Speeches

Listen to Philip Randolph, Adlai Stevenson, and Winston Churchill as you’ve always wanted them, in clear digital gory giving their greatest speeches.

100 Greatest News Stories

Iran-Contra, Anwar Sadat, Woodstock and more. Every great moment in the news that you grew up with or just remember where you were when it happened is on this disk.

100 Greatest Personalities

People need people and you need to meet these 100 unique people from all over the world. This CD takes you through the most influential movers and shakers in sports, politics, and entertainment from the 21st century

100 Greatest Scandals

The 20th century produced some pretty intriguing scandals, from Richard Nixon to Monica Lewinsky and a little red dress. Presidents to athletes have been the subject of scandal, listen to them on this fourth disc!

100 Greatest Sports Moments

SuperBowls, NASCAR, baseball, and the olympics, all sorts of sports moments have captured our attention. Listen to them all on this final disc!

OK, that was more excitement that I probably should have mustered about this 5 disk set. I think they would have been more compelling as DVDs but these CD’s are a good gift to a history buff or someone else who wants to keep a certain record of things around the house.

The 100 Greatest is produced By Shout! Factory your resource for everything in popular culture. Its available at Amazon and fine bookstores everywhere.

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