In a gesture of good faith to Palestinian President Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Olmert announced plans to release more than 250 Palestinian prisoners. Olmert also announced intentions to ease travel restrictions in the West Bank which is currently controlled by the Fatah faction.

Fatah was recently booted clean out of Gaza by their more radical counterparts in Hamas.

Although these steps are tentative, Olmert said, “I’m optimistic that, especially in these turbulent days … an opportunity has been created to seriously move forward with the regional peace process. I don’t plan to let this opportunity slip away,” in a Reuters report authored by Sharm el-Sheikh.

In related news, the so-called Zionist oppressors have agreed to release frozen tax funds to help support the new Palestinian government in the West Bank. Olmert seems tickled pink that the new administration has disavowed terror and agreed that Israel has the right to exist. The tax funds –between $500 and $600 million- were frozen when Hamas, who calls for the destruction of Israel, won Palestinian elections

The Gaza Strip, which borders Egypt, has often been cited recently as the destination for smuggled Iranian arms. With Hamas in control of Gaza, it seems unlikely that the proposed isolation of the terror group will be likely to succeed. Sooner or later, pictures of starving Palestinians “trapped” in Gaza will thaw international resolve and the humanitarian aid will resume, ensuring a steady supply of both food and guns to Hamas.

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