This movie has no star power whatsoever. In fact without going to IMDB the most recognizable actor is “The mom from ‘That 70’s Show’” (Debrah Jo Rupp).   That being said, this film has already achieved beyond it’s expectations having gained wide release without big name in the marquis. But don’t let that scare you away, because “She’s Out of My League” is hands down hilarious!  

Kirk Kettner (Jay Baruchel) is a TSA worker at the Pittsburgh airport.  There with his three friends Stainer (T.J. Miller), Jack (Mike Vogel) and Devon (Nate Torrence) who have all known each other forever.  At no point does the audience get the idea that any one of these four has the potential for greatness.    

To open the film we learn Kirk still has feelings for his ex girlfriend, Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), whom his family seems to treat better than he; even though she’s got a new boyfriend.  Kirk tries desperately to win her back only to have not only Marnie laugh at him, but also his whole family.  

His luck soon changes when the very beautiful Molly (Alice Eve) accidently leaves her iPhone in the security bin. Molly has her friend call the number and Kirk answers.  They make arrangements to have the phone returned in a few days at a party Molly is throwing at the Andy Warhol museum.  

Kirk can’t believe his good fortune in being invited to a party by such a beautiful woman, and subsequently gets kicked out.  However Molly tries to make up for that with Hockey tickets.    

Molly and Kirk continue to hang out, with Kirk bringing along one of his friends each time who has a different take on why such a beautiful woman may or may not be interested a dorky guy like Kirk.   

Filmed at least partially in Pittsburgh, this movie does a great job capturing the feel of the city; from scenes inside a Pramanti Bros. restaurant to the top of the incline and the Roberto Clemente statue in front of PNC Park. The only thing missing is any reference to the city’s six-time Super Bowl champions, but given the star power of this movie, there probably was not room in the budget for licensing of any NFL logos.  

I have only had a chance to go into about half the cast, but the ensemble does a great job with the script. Written by Sean Anders and John Morris, the writing is the backbone of this comedy.  Unlike the Judd Apatow (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) movies, this one relies totally on comedic timing and delivery of the script, not visually offensive gross-out visual gags.   

This is a true R-rated comedy that just won’t be the same when it winds up on Comedy Central. So do yourself a favor, see it in the theatre the way it is intended to be watched and the script doesn’t get watered down by basic cable editing practices.  

“She’s Out of My League”, like its central character, has nothing going for it, and you are very likely to not give it a second thought.  But like Molly in the movie, if you give it a chance you might find out that you like it.

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