David Schussler

This morning in an attempt to convince the American people that he is presidential, Barack Obama basically said that he is ready to protect us from terrorism, financial disaster, social ills, a John McCain presidency, and I’m sure he would have concluded warts, hail, frogs, and murrain.

Obama surrounded himself with an impressive entourage of experts whom he has been working with to learn about solutions to the current geopolitical problems the US faces and perhaps will face in the future. He claims all of the ideas and actions taken by the current government; the Iraqi stabilization, movement of troops, diplomatic gains with other countries, monetary bailout , etc. are all his ideas and that anything the government does and has been doing is due to his advice. Noticeably absent in the group was General Powell.

Obama basically said that McCain is lying about our finances, taxes, and the Obama social and financial ideology. Obama also dismissed the idea that Senator Biden put forth that his mettle would be tested by the despots of the world with a generated test against the US in the first 6 months of his administration. He claimed that Biden was prone to rhetorical flourish. Well…he should know because his entire political life has been rhetorical flourish. No substance.

As he lithely swims around all things of importance of yesterday and adjusts his rhetoric to meet what he believes the American people want to hear today, Obama finally admits (as he did this morning) that he does promote distribution of wealth and says that it is good for us as he tries to appeal to the poor, underprivileged, and needy voters by buying their votes with promise of money never had or earned.

We do not need “rhetorical flourish” as leadership in our nation today. We need experience, honesty, and real proven mettle to protect us and change the corrupt governmental system that we have inherited today through our own poor choices of the past in the voting booth.

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