Ratatouille DVD How pathetic is the mindset and state of our movie-making industry these days that the cleverest, most creative movie storytelling comes from the creators of animated features like this one. It’s almost as if they are the only ones who remember how to do a completely original concept, create engaging characters and witty dialogue, and a gorgeously realized world for it all to happen. So what if the Paris of “Ratatouille” is more the Paris of dreams – it’s a movie, a place to spend time in, imagining that it all really does look like that, a sparkling city spread out below the rooftop of a walk-up flat with the view of the Seine. That’s what movies are for, to delight, engage and entertain.

Although with this movie it does help to be a bit of a foodie: as my daughter observed, upon noting the quick throwaway bit of Chef Gusteau on the covers of certain magazines – “Mom, do you realize we have every one of those magazines in the house?” (My original movie review is here – and yes, we enjoyed it very much, thank you.

Bonus features included in the DVD release unfortunately do not include either of the two trailers. One incorporated the priceless line “It’s not too bad once you muscle past the gag reflex”; the endearing lament of a foodie longing after better things! Features do include the hilarious short “Lifted”, a short feature hosted by Remy and his brother Emile “Your Friend the Rat”, cheerfully outlining the history of human-rat relationships, and another called “Fine Food and Film”. That feature is a behind-the-scenes look at the similarities between creating fine food and fine animation; among them tireless attention to small detail and creative passion being but two of them. The deleted scenes are not really deleted, fully animated scenes, but rather animated black and white preliminary sketches of scenes that were considered, but not considered essential. All in all, well worth waiting for, and watching over and over.

Ratatouille is available November 6th from Amazon.com and other retail outlets.

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