Just because it is stupid doesn’t mean you won’t laugh.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” brings four friends back together after their relationships have strained and Lou (Rob Corddry) ends up in the hospital. Their solution: to go to a ski lodge for the weekend. When they get there they realize that the place they had such fond memories of has turned into a run down old ghost town. Trying to make the best of it they get in the hot tub and wake up twenty-four years in the past.

You can’t make this stuff up… sober.

So while the premise is likely based on an altered mental state, let’s use a moment of sobriety to analyze the movie. First off you have four principle characters who are now re-living the greatest weekend of their lives all over again. 

John Cusack is clearly the best actor of the bunch, and as executive producer his name appears above anyone else’s on the movie poster. The problem here is that he cast himself incorrectly. The dark brooding angst-ridden character of Adam that Cusack plays he plays well, but plays too dark for a comedy about outdoor appliances and temporal displacement. Cusack is the only one who could actually carry the movie on his own, but I am sure he is happy to share the blame on this one.

Rob Corddry (The Daily Show, Semi Pro) plays Lou, the next most prominently featured character. Lou is a complete looser, and probably deserves to be more jaded than Cusack’s character, but the funny man gets this role and as the assumed suicidal alcoholic gets the most sympathy from the audience.

Craig Robinson (The Office) is up front the most likable character. He is a former musician turned poodle groomer. He actually has a home life and a sense of responsibility.

Finally we have uber nerd Jacob played by Clark Duke. He is only twenty-five and never knew his father. He makes the very conveniently obvious statement “You know I was born about nine months from now…” when he realizes what year it is they have traveled.

As far as time travel movies go, this one should be somewhere on the list right above “The Lakehouse” and below “Freejack (staring Mic Jager).”

As far as comedies go, it has its moments. However it lacks all the charm that makes “Back to the Future” the classic that it is. It also hosts plenty of jokes lost on the sober, so if you are of age why not do a couple tequila shooters to get yourself in the mood for this movie. If not, just wait until you are hanging out at that one friend’s house… everybody has that one friend who buys EVERY movie, and borrow it from him. You’ll be glad you didn’t pay to see it! But the drunken part still stands. 

Rated R for adult language, adult situations and brief nudity.

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