This is rich. CAIR is in D.C. to hosting a conference supposedly to look into several issues regarding Muslims here and abroad. I heard this on the Fox News Cable Network. But when I went online to get more information–there was none. Two of the URLS were from Al-Jazeera but when I clicked them they returned a 404 error. Google aggregated news does not mention this at all.

So why is everyone so quiet about CAIR in D.C. today? This is an interesting development considering the AIPAC conference is going on at the same time in D.C. – are they trying to shut this out? I am not sure, of course, since I cannot find any sources to link here.

I have had it with Fox’s fair and balanced reporting. First they cited that CAIR has ties to Hezbollah, then they report that nothing has ever been proven. So why mention it then other than to get more ratings. You cannot be fair and balanced with terrorism-you can’t be fair and balanced without sleeping with the enemy.

An update to come when I can find a source so that I can report on this accurately. This is insanity. The media went gaga over the use of the word “faggot” last week – talked a lot of nonsense about Ann Coulter who is a conservative icon-but I cannot find one source other than what I heard on Fox News reporting that CAIR is in D.C. to have a conference-for the first time.

So now we know where the media’s priorities are-and let me tell you it is not about protecting and informing the U.S. citizenry of its real danger – terrorism, and groups that sponser such!

UPDATE: CAIR TO HOLD CAPITOL HILL PANEL ON GLOBAL OPINION AND U.S. POLICY and the only place reporting on this, other than on Fox is CAIR – of course.

SPONSOR: The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) holds a discussion on “Global Attitudes on Islam-West Relations.” (emphasis mine>

PARTICIPANTS: Steven Kull of the Program on International Policy Attitudes; and Nihad Awad, executive director of CAIR

DATE: March 13, 2007, Noon – 1:30 p.m.
LOCATION: H-137, U.S. Capitol

Attitudes on Islam and West relations? I would love to tell them how this could be remedied – speak out against radical Islam/Jihad – stop your silence regarding terror attacks and homicide bombers – show you do not support this barbaric behavior on the part of radicals who are perverting what you claim you believe in – THEN – perhaps perceptions and relations will improve. Until that happens this conference is a waste of time!

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