We want you to write for BNN! BNN encourages bloggers, writers, journalists, and ordinary citizens to write for our service. BNN encourages commenters and interested persons to discuss, criticize, praise, analyze and fact-check articles posted on the site.What You Get From Writing For BNN

Writing for BNN brings with it several benefits:

  • Your stories are indexed by Google News – and may even appear on its front page
  • Increased exposure of your writing to a wider audience
  • Permanent links back to your own blog or news site – automatic growth in your readership

How many new readers? Well, the average post at BNN draws about 200 readers over time. That means if you make one post a day at BNN, your work will be read by 70,000+ new readers every year.

What Kind Of Stories We Look For

All stories posted on BNN should have substantive news content. Reviews of movies, books, magazines, plays, and other cultural content are encouraged. Nearly anything with genuine news content is encouraged, as long as it falls within the site guidelines. Articles which principally consist of links to other media are not appropriate for BNN.

What We Expect From Article Contributors

Writers interested in posting for BNN are asked to write substantive posts and put them on the site. When a writer begins to work with us, his or her posts are submitted to an editorial queue for review. They are generally approved on the same day. Once a writer has made several quality posts, the editorial review is removed and they are a full member of the site. There is no specific posting frequency required of contributors; the more, the better! Our contributors range from people who write an article once a month to those who submit ten or twenty posts a day. BNN literally runs on the contributions of its writers; everything suitable is welcomed.

What We Expect From Commenters

BNN welcomes comments on the stories posted here! You’ve got an opinion, share it with the world. Comments should be on-topic, germane and civil, in accordance with our editorial policy. They do not have to be lengthy or substantive; they should be contributions to the conversation, rather than destructions of it. We make a strong effort to be fair to writers and commenters holding a wide variety of points of view; if you can be civil, you can probably say it here. Commenters do not need to register at the site to comment, but are encouraged to do so anyway!

BNN Does Not Own Your Work

Stories posted on BNN remain the property of their original authors. You are free to use your story on your own site, or to submit it to other websites or publications. BNN reserves only the rights to publish and archive your story on our site in perpetuity. We do however ask for a 4 hour exclusive on articles.

Getting Started

New writers are added to BNN by self-nomination (and occasionally by invitation). If you would like to write for us, please send a message to our editor, with a subject line of “Citizen Journalist”, and we will send you an e-mail explaining the site, our policies, how it works and just generally giving details on everything under the sun.