Fourteen hours before the police discovered the bodies of Pro-Wrestler Benoit, his wife, and 7-year-old son, the Wikipedia entry about Benoit was modified to include information about the gruesome murder/suicide.

The updated entry said that Benoit had missed a wrestling match several days earlier on account of his wife’s death.

Wikipedia spokesperson, Cary Bass, said the entry was made from an Internet Protocol Address in Stamford, Connecticut –home of World Wrestling Entertainment (W.W.E.).

Jerry McDevit, W.W.E. legal counselor, said, “I have no idea who posted this. It’s at least possible Chris may have sent some other text message to someone that we’re unaware of. We don’t know if he did. The phone is in the possession of authorities.”

McDevit indicated that, to his knowledge, no one at W.W.E. knew of the Benoit deaths at the time of the Wikipedia posting, but that the wrestler and his wife had argued over care options for their mentally retarded son several days before the murders.

Benoit is alleged to have strangled his wife and son (placing bibles near their bodies) prior to hanging himself with a cable from a weigh machine in his Fayetteville home (near Atlanta).

On Thursday, federal agents announced that they had carried out a raid at Dr. Phil Astin’s Carrollton, GA office. Astin, a longtime friend of Benoit, told the Associated Press that he had been treating Benoit for low testosterone levels which were probably due to steroid use in the past.

Astin said he was surprised and shocked at the incident because the wrestler “worshiped his child,” and showed no signs of rage or distress in the days leading up to the killings.

Anabolic steroids recovered from the Benoit residence have led investigators to believe that the killings may have been resultant from “roids rage,” a violent outburst that some experts associate with steroid use. It is unclear how knowledge of the Wikipedia entry will be factored into the investigators’ final conclusions.

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