One thing about having the cowboy and his lap dog in charge is that honest dictators haven’t been able to talk peace. However, with the standown of Blair in the near future, and Bush being a lame duck president, there is a possibility that peace will soon break out all over. LINK.

“The Blair government is a queer government, and Blair behaves like a headmaster, old fashioned, who dictates that things must be done his way: ‘Do it or you … remain punished and an outcast,’” ….

“But we are hoping that with the departure of Blair, there will be a better situation there and they can be talked to,” he added.

The speaker is not the Iranian Mullahs or the president of North Korea, but the beloved president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe has been considered an out cast since he confiscated the thriving white owned farms, which had supplied much of the food and foreign exchange for that country, and gave the farms to landless peasants and to his cronies. Since the peasants used basic farming techniques and were not supplied with modern hybrid seed, machines, and expertise for using farm machinery, fertilizer, or irrigation, and since many of the farms passed not to the workers but to Mugabe’s cronies, who had no desire or expertise in farming the famine from the moderate periodic droughts has caused food shortages for the last several years.

Since the villages that voted against Mugabe in previous elections were threatened directly or indirectly with the threat that no food would be supplied, many accuse Mugabe of manipulating his last election. Since then, in “Operation “Cleanup”, many townships that were the basis for Mugabe’s opposition have been demolished under the guise of cleaning up illegal shops and slums, an action that left an estimated 700 000 people homeless.

Since then inflation has been rising, and most recently has been estimated at over 1000 percent.

However, this has not stopped groups in South Africa from raising 1.2 million American dollars to celebrate his next birthday.


Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket and her webpage on the destruction of Zimbabwe by the Mugabe regieme is Mugabe Makaipa BLogspot

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