The early reports on the VaTech shootings are confused, but one headline keeps insisting it was the “worst shooting in US history”.

Well,shooting, maybe. Killing at a school, no. As an intrepid Freeper pointed out, that dubious honor goes to a shooting in Bath MI, where a disgrunted “taxpayer” Andrew Kehoe bombed the school, killing 38 children, seven adults and himself in May 1927.

Undoubtably this will lead to calls for gun control, given Virginia’s lax gun laws that allow felons from New York and Pennsylvania to get cheap guns to commit crime. But the Montreal shooter who killed 14 women in Montreal wasn’t stopped by that country’s more stringent gun laws.

And undoubtably this rampage will be laid at the feet of an aggressive white male American culture, except that Drudge is reporting the shooter was a Chinese student who has been in the US less than a year.

One of the high school shootings occured in a town where I had worked as a doctor. I knew some of the family of the shooter and some of those killed in that massacre.

So could I suggest that instead of the “spin” on what “we” did wrong, i.e. the media’s way to “blame” the law abiding citizens of their guilt, could I remind you that paranoia and rage is not an American thing, but that in the US, shooters tend to be isolated loners, not pawns of religious or political ideologues who manipulate them to gain power, and especially not recruited to beat up political opponants, such as Mugabe’s Green bombers.

Instead of pointing fingers, each one should instead pray for the parents of those killed.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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