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The group that calls itself a ‘civil rights’ organization has proven time and time again to be the litigation arm of the Islamists waging the many jihads on the non-Muslim world.

CAIR’s latest attempt at protecting our civil rights are charges against a California middle school teacher, Randy Ingram, who had the courage to state to his sixth grade class the obvious – that Iran has sworn to destroy the state of Israel.

Given Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s constant threatening of Israel with destruction, Mr. Ingram’s statement would seem to be non-controversial. Unfortunately in California where teacher’s unions are pushing for a Marxist comic book to be used as part of history curriculua such truth telling might well be rewarded in the form of disciplinary action. A single student in Ingram’s class allegedly reported some version of the instructor’s story back to his parents who then, in a template repeated hundreds of times a year by Islamists nationwide, called in the Muslim thought police.

And who’s the lead jihadist in this particular drama?

Taking the lead here is Kamal Abu-Shamsieh, the director of Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno. What the Bee does not inform its readers is that Shamsieh is a professional Islamist.

Kamal Abu-Shamsieh is a former Palestinian journalist and a documentary film maker. He is currently the national community relations director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) based in Los Angeles. He provides the Muslim & ethnic media outlets with weekly updates and news about the Muslim community. Mr. Shamsieh is both a radical Muslim and an Israel hater who in a piece authored for the far-left pro-Fresno Alliance newsletter, accused the Jewish state of war crimes, “represented a new phase of Israel’s war crimes,” while decrying the alleged, “apartheid policies of Israel.”

Typical of the Islamist mindset, Shamsieh believes in limiting the line of inquiry when it strays to the type of topic that naturally might inconvenient questions.

“I don’t believe schools are a place to debate political views on international affairs or any other affairs that are not related to teaching our children.”

Oh really? Especially if the political debate shows Islam in a bad light. Right Mr. Shamsieh? And if I remember correct, current affairs IS a valid topic to teach children in school. But today’s schools are more interested in teaching multicultural values and political correctness than world history and current events.

Keep ‘em young and dumb is the plan and lead them down the road to being good little dhimmis swallowing the propaganda of the Islamists so visible today in our public school system.

As is usually the case in such matters, the Saudi Wahhabist funded Council on American Islamic Relations is now also pushing this hoax via its newsletter. These attempts are happening all over the United States and are part of the Islamist agenda to suppress freedom of expression. Such efforts constitute evidence of the Islamists disregard for Constitutionally enumerated rights and offer the briefest of glimpses as to what the radical fundamentalists mean when they push for Shar’ia. For the record think of MPAC as a slicker, more PR savvy CAIR, careful to position themselves as moderate but in reality no different.

We must identify and expose these attempts at litigation and cultural jihad when we find them. For Islamists jihad is the way – Shariah law is the weapon of choice in subduing the non-Muslims and moderate Muslim societies.
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