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After Bush leaves Russia, Voice of Russia commentary questions President's intellect

July 22, 2006

An unusual commentary on the Voice of Russia English-language web site, which has since been removed, claims that President Bush's presumed "narrow intellectual horizons" and "disastrous judgment" have had "cataclysmic" policy consequences. [1]reported that the commentary was published a few days after President Bush left Russia, where he had attended the G-8 summit.

The analyst, David Brian, who is a regular Voice of Russia contributor, quoted at length from the July 16 Jonathan Chait's column in The Los Angeles Times: "Is Bush Still Too Dumb to Be President?." Voice of Russia [2]did not identify Chait by name as the author of the original commentary. Their analyst indicated, however, that he was citing a Los Angeles Times article.

The title of the Voice of Russia commentary, "George W. Bush Has Intuition (Maybe)," and its tone indicated that the analyst shared the same views about President Bush's intellect as The Los Angeles Times columnist. Voice of Russia is Moscow's state-financed international broadcaster with programs in multiple languages, including English. reported that the publication of such a strong personal attack on a foreign head of state by a government broadcaster in Russia is highly unusual and may indicate a worsening in relations between Moscow and Washington as a result of the war in Iraq and the decline of Russian democracy under President Putin. It may also be an indication of Moscow's increased activism in foreign policy thanks to revenues from high energy prices.


This article features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews member. See the talk page for more details. Articles are translated through WORTNET.
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