Even a self-proclaimed animal hater would shake their head at Cheryl Ann Magnotta, a 59-year-old woman from Bradford, Pennsylvania who is being charged with the deaths of 21Great Danes who were found in her home earlier this month. She is also being charged with 41 summary counts of scattering rubbish on the property. The discovery took place on the afternoon of June 12 when a possible case of animal cruelty was reported.

Jack Buckles of Rocking Horse Realty in Smethport, PA was sent to the house to check the property for occupancy and preparation along with County Humane Officer Tony Danias, Bradford Township Code Enforcement Officer Merle Silvis, and the current property owners. There, Buckles found the remains of two dogs in a kennel building on the property. The door to the building was nailed shut. A blue tarp was found outside the building with another dog carcass inside. A skull was laying nearby. Several tarps and rugs were found scattered throughout the property as well as other kennel buildings and disassembled kennels. The property had a strong dead animal odor to it as well.

Early on June 14, a search warrant for the home and property was obtained. An hour into the search, the remains of 21 Great Danes were found. The dogs, of various ages, were believed to have been dead for three to nine months. Some were covered with lime and soil, and other were wrapped in the tarps and carpets. There were no food or water dishes in or around the kennel areas so it is assumed that the dogs all starved to death. They also found 32 plastic bags of dog feces scattered throughout the property and in the yard of Magnotta’s neighbor to the north. These are going to be studied to gain more insight into the deaths of these dogs.

Magnotta obtained a legitimate kennel license in 2001 under the name Swift Dane Kennel though she is said to have had owned Great Danes for the past seven years. In 2004, she won a Great Dane Club of America competition with her dogs. If convicted, each misdemeanor count is punishable by up to a year in prison.

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