By Honey Gillard 

POP Queen Madonna has become so ‘hung up’ on adopting orphans that she has decided that one is just not enough, but would like to in fact offer a helping hand to Malawian children by taking over the orphanage where she adopted her baby David Banda. 

Madonna is currently in the African nation with 18-month-old Banda and 10-year-old daughter Lourdes. 

The 48-year-old musician unveiled her desires during her visit to the ‘Home of Hope’, located in the village of Mchinji. 

She says, “I might take over the orphanage because the pastor here is getting old and is about to retire.” 

“If Malawians will work hand in hand with me I will still help Malawi.” 

The ‘lucky star’ singer is also apparently on the lookout for a home in Malawi; a place where she hopes to stay for up to a month each year, so that she can manage the various charity projects that she has embarked on in the poverty-stricken country. 

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Sources: Starpulse

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