By Honey Gillard 

REVLON has officially announced ‘Out Of The Blue’ star Jessica Alba as the new face for their popular brand. 

Alba will join the leading group of glamorous, sexy and brilliant women who currently represent the brand, such as Academy Award Winning ‘Cat Woman’ Halle Berry, model/actress Eva Mendes and one of the music industries prims sensations Sheryl Crow. 

Alba’s first endorsement for the cosmetic company will be a global advertising campaign for the new REVLON 3D EXTREME(TM) MASCARA. The crusade, directed by Ellen Von Unworth, will feature advertisements on television, print, in-store and Internet residency. 

“We are thrilled to have Jessica as part of the Revlon family,” says Elizabeth Crystal, Senior Vice President of Colour Cosmetics. “She is both a dynamic and beautiful woman who represents the modern, glamorous spirit of the brand.” 

The eyelash-enhancing campaign’s initial television commercial promoting the ‘3D Extreme Mascara’ will make it’s US launch in July 2007. An ample print campaign will also be unveiled in August 2007 in beauty and lifestyle magazines.

Alba, as a proud part of the Revlon Promotion Team, will also partake in the annual Revlon Run/Walk in May, as well as participating in various company sponsored breast cancer initiatives.

Alba says: “I’m honoured to be joining the Revlon family.” 

“Revlon celebrates diverse, dynamic women of every walk of life and I’m proud to be associated with a company that is so involved with women’s causes and issues.” 

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