By Honey Gillard 

It seems that ‘Spiderman’ star James Franco is really making a climb up the ladder to fame; with more and more films adding Mr. Franco to their cast list. 

The newest addition to his filmography is reportedly a film titled ‘High Rollers’. 

Not much else is known about the film, besides the basic plot – that is that the film, from writer/director Stephen Brill (‘Without a Paddle’), tells of a desperate man who goes to hell and back – gets himself into quite a few sticky situations – to pay off his gambling debts. 

Franco, who stars as Harry Osbourne/the new Green Goblin in the third fabulous instalment of the ‘Spiderman’ movies is also, according to IMDB, set to film two more films this year – The Pineapple Express (2008) (filming) and In the Valley of Elah (2007) (post-production). 

And in case by some chance Mr. Franco reads this next week “HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ME!” 

Don’t forget to check out ‘Spiderman 3’ in theatres worldwide on May 3rd – I sure am going to first session…. 

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Sources: MovieHole

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