Broadcast 8 April on Iranian state satellite TV (IRINN)

On 5 April in the New York Post Amir Taheri wrote of an expected crackdown on dissidents in Iran. The leading edge of this crackdown now seems to be taking the form of police pressure those who do not adhere to the Islamic Republic’s idea of what constitutes proper attire.

Women are the obvious first target here, and in this report we
are told of a new protect to enforce public dress codes, beginning
with women
. This is happening even though when asked in 2005 as a
presidential candidate if he would be imposing stricter enforcement on
women’s veiling practices if elected, Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad scoffed and
said Iran had more important things to worry about!

According to this report an Iranian poll-taker has decided to add “moral
security” to the list of Iran’s social concerns.


Announcer Farhadi: The project to deal with bad veiling is to begin
on 1 Ordibehesht [21 April]. The Greater Tehran police commander
said: The targets of the project to deal with bad veiling include
wearing short pants, wearing short scarves that do not cover the hair,
wearing short tight coats and short revealing garments.

Commander Raban added: Initially only improperly veiled women will
be targeted. After the end of the project, in the second phase
dealing with improperly dressed boys will be added to the agenda.

According to the Greater Tehran police commander, poll results show
that 86 percent of the people want improper veiling to be confronted.
In this regard 83 percent of the people believe that improper veiling
endangers society’s moral security.

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