Winston Churchill attempted in vain to warn his country that Adolf Hitler was preparing to unleash an army of darkness, and liberal politicians devoted considerable resources toward painting him a raving loon. A policy of appeasement serves only to embolden and encourage those who use terrorism as a tool of political policy.

We must also take care to distinguish the Government of Iran from the people who struggle under the jack boot of Islamic theocracy. The Queen of England in my opinion ought to address the Nation and demand the return of the hostages. As titular head of State her words while not the official diplomatic utterance of the United Kingdom would be a counter balance to the statements being made by the Grand mullah who serves as the spiritual head of Iran.

Many Americans wonder why in the Hell a British warship simply stood by and allowed a small Iranian coast guard boat to intercept a dingy and take hostage its crew members. I recall a similar type of incident during my military career, during a training exercise, a few of my men crossed over into Canada and ran smack into a Canadian coast guard cutter breaking through the fog. We have diplomatic relations with Canada, as England does with Iran. Under International law my Canadian counter part would have been well with in his rights to detain and interview, Of course the Skipper of the Canadian cutter and I simply exchanged compliments and spent a few minutes in friendly social pleasantry before we each returned to our tasks,

To that end the Captain of the British ship choose to exercise caution, the incident however was not resolved by adherence to the rule of law, Once the U.K. established their people were not in Iranian waters the crew should have been released. While it is at this juncture best to seek diplomatic release of the hostages,

Were I tony Blair once I have my people back I would cut diplomatic relations with Iran and make it very clear in future that Her Majesties forces will where ever challenged defend themselves. The Islamic clerics who rule Iran use terrorism as a tool of state policy and it is long past time nations of the west allowed them to use international law as a shield.

We must with all vigor and resource seek to support regime change where ever the agents of iniquity and evil control the institutions of the state. We in America must not allow the democratic liberal homosexual lobby that manipulated media and conspired to distort facts and gain power push forward with its agenda of cut and run in Iraq and appease global terrorism.

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