Unlike some of the family members associated with the Haleigh Cummings case Lisa Croslin has very much tried to keep out of the media spotlight. No one in their right mind could possibly think that Lisa or her husband Hank had any direct or indirect hand in Haleigh Cummings disappearance. That of course has not prevented them from coming under the media microscope. While they may not be contenders for the parents of the year award they do care deeply about their children. That is clear from the hours of jail tapes that I have watched. Their major crime is guilt by association.

Lisa Croslin was released from jail on Tuesday, she had no money, no place to go, and no street clothes. No one even bothered to tell Hank Croslin about her release until a good Samaritan visited him on Wednesday. That same good Samaritan lent Lisa some clothes, and helped her find a place to stay. The location is not being broadcast, but it is a safe environment.

I put a proposal to Lisa, I would send a list of questions in writing, and if she would answer them, I would publish both the questions and answers in their entirety, no spin!

Q – Lisa thanks for talking to us. As I understand it, you are now out of jail. I am sure that the press vultures are hovering around, and you are wanting to avoid them, so without sharing any details, what are your plans now?

ANSWER:  I would  really like to go back to school.   I want to stay off the drugs.  My new friend has me going to church, looking for work and volunteering at the church food bank on Tuesdays.

Q – Do you think that the drug world is behind you?

ANSWER:  Yes, I do.  Thirty days in jail was a  reality check.   I know that with the good Lord and my supportive friends, I  can do anything,.

Q – There is little doubt that drugs are a big problem in the world today. Do you think that the Croslins were unfairly targeted because of the Haleigh case?

ANSWER:   Yes,  I  really do.  Nancy Grace opens her mouth before she gets evidence and continually drags us to the  ground.

Q – A few days ago my wife Jan showed me a shocking article about a cold blooded killing in Florida, The killer received a 15 year sentence. Tommy got the same sentence for a bottle of pills. I am a believer in that is you break the law then you should pay the price. But equating murder to a bottle of pills seems ridiculous. Should the laws be rethought?

ANSWER:  Yes,  they really should.  Taking a life should result in death row.   A bottle of pills isn’t equal to murder.

Q – You are out on probation, will you be able to visit Hank now? How about Tommy and Misty?

ANSWER:  I cannot visit Hank yet because I don’t have a picture id.   My daughter-in-law, Chelsae came down while I was in jail and got my car and everything I had, even my purse.   My SS card, drivers license, birth  certificate and everything is with her.   I  came out of the jail in borrowed clothes.  She even had the clothes I was arrested in.  I can’t visit Tommy or  Misty because I can’t leave the county until my fines are paid.

Q – I heard a rumor that Tommy and Misty can not currently even send letters to each other. Is this true?


Following yesterdays article BNN received several emails from people wanting to help Lisa Croslin. She does not need a hand out, she needs a hand up. She needs some good counselling, and a job, she also needs to be far away from the drug scene.

I am sure that there are people that will read this article and say “what a pointless interview, there is nothing new”. If you say that, then you need to take a deep breath and think. Most of us live in relative luxury, we have our computers, TV’s, food in the refrigerator, and even though life is hard, a roof over our heads.

I spent a number of years working with the homeless, people who have nothing but what they can carry. It is heartbreaking, and alas it is all too common today.

Lisa can not visit her husband Hank, or her children Misty and Tommy. She wants to go straight, to get away from the drug scene, but with her world in collapse can she succeed? Or to put this question another way, if you were in her position could you go straight?

Lisa’s answer to my final question was somewhat shorter than I had hoped for. I am being told by other sources that the reason Misty and Tommy cannot exchange letters is once again due to an identification issue. For reasons beyond sanity, Misty must produce a birth certificate as proof of identification!  Do the jail authorities think that she is not Misty Croslin? My mind boggles!

Simon and Jan Barrett

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