Yesterday, the New York Times had an article stating that “Giuliani is Both Hailed and Hated” among Firefighters in New York. The issues indicated on the “hate” side appeared to be of a personal nature, while the “praise” side of the debate was backed by objective, measurable statistics as well as personal qualities.

Two main reasons were indicated as to why some Firefighters in NYC hold resentment toward Rudolph Giuliani. Some speak about a contract term of two years where they did not receive a raise. Others speak of their sadness when Giuliani reduced the number of firefighters allowed to search for victims of 9/11 two months after the horrific event. While most humans can certainly empathize with their situations, leaders must look beyond empathy and continue to do what is best for their city as a whole.

On the “praise” side, firefighters interviewed spoke of Giuliani’s years of success, turning NYC around from a crime-ridden city with heightened unemployment rates and crumbling infrastructure to a much safer, cleaner city with plenty of jobs and plenty of pride. No one can deny that Rudolph Giuliani was able to help decrease street homicides in NYC by 67% from 2245 in 1990 to 642 in 2001 (Leadership, 2002, Giuliani). It was clear all throughout Giuliani’s term as mayor that he uses business principles to impose accountability on the government and the people. He implements programs that have proven to work by measurable standards. He is a also a man of compassion and incredible composure as witnesses both before, during and after the attacks of September 11th.

It appears those who criticize Giuliani speak about personal qualities but have a hard time backing them up with any hard core facts. For example, Michael Gaynor writes a commentary in The Post Chronical stating that Giuliani has “no underlying belief system”. That quote deserves a chuckle. Should anyone care to learn about Rudolph Giuliani’s belief system, all they need to do is read his book Leadership. He clearly states in this book what his own belief system is and what set of beliefs tie us all together as Americans.

As Americans, he writes, “We’re tied together by our belief in political democracy, in religious freedom, in capitalism, a free economy where people make their own choices about the spending of their money. We are tied together because we respect human life, and because we respect the law.” (Leadership, pg. Xvii, 2001, Giuliani). Let this quote remind us all what Americans are a part of and take the time to learn about our presidential candidates before jumping to conclusions. The next president we have must be a leader. He or she must have a proven track record of pulling a city or country out of a very bad situation and reuniting Americans to achieve our common goals. We owe it to ourselves to revisit our collective belief system and vote in a president who can carry them out successfully.


LEADERSHIP, Giulianni, 2002


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