Last week, there was an article at investing website SeekingAlpha that was critical towards Ashford Prime’s management (NYSE:AHP). The author called for removing Ashford Prime management in favor of Sessa Capital board nominees. He has now withdrawn that support and calls for Ashford Prime management to remain in place.

The author published his story about Ashford Prime and AHP stock under an anonymous avatar, which was exposed by journalist Clark Reilly at BloggerNews – he is 25-year-old Wilson Wang, who has his own hedge fund in Hawaii. It’s unclear how much he has under management.

A SeekingAlpha author put out a thoughtful rebuttal to Wang’s article regarding Ashford Prime and AHP stock, on Monday. Hours later, the author received a note from Wang, in which Wang walks back his statements on Ashford Prime management.


Wang needs to either remove his article on Ashford Prime and AHP stock now, or at least edit it significantly, so that readers can read a more truthful account of what’s happening with Ashford Prime and AHP stock.

We have mixed feelings about SeekingAlpha. There is a broad spectrum of opinion over there, ranging from outright ignorant to brilliantly insightful. We think the editors need to pay much closer attention to who writes for them. Ashford Prime and AHP stock are not the most well-known issues, so blindly publishing an ignorant opinion is in nobody’s interest. We are also hearing that the editors are killing stories about stocks that they want to see buried for unknown reasons.

There’s nothing wrong with voicing an opinion about Ashford Prime or AHP stock, but doing so without all the facts can really undermine that opinion.It is pretty thoughtless that SeekingAlpha would just publish a 25-year-old’s opinions on the hotel industry without at least checking to see if Wilson Wang has even a modicum of experience in it.

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