The Korean student who murdered students at Virginia Tech sent a package of his paranoid ramblings to NBC.

So today’s NYTimes headline shouts:”Package Forced NBC to Make Tough Decisions“.

Oh tough decision time

The arrival in the mailroom set in motion intense decision making, much of it directed by Steve Capus, president of NBC News.”

Did he make the “tough decision” to open the box, which after all might have been a bomb or contaminated with anthrax? No, that brave person was a security guard named Brian Patton.

Ah, but the guard and “everyone who handled the package wore gloves”.

Well, gloves will protect evidence for the FBI, but they really wouldn’t be much help against a letter bomb, and would only have limited protection against chemical or biological contamination.

So what was the “tough decision”?

Deciding whether to broadcast the contents and actual film of the killer.

How long did this “tough” decision take? I mean, most of the victims aren’t even buried yet. Did you consider the anguish of the families? The fact that allowing serial killers to defend themselves only results in “copycat” crimes?

One doubts that much time was spent making this “difficult decision”, since a clip of the killer film was on Manila tv this morning.

In an interview last night on MSNBC, Mr. Williams said NBC had been concerned about the sensitivities of broadcasting as much of the material as it did.“This was a sick business tonight, going on the air with this,” he said.

Yup. That’s the word: It is sick. You were insensitive.

Imus was fired for using rap language as a joke, but you are allowed to glamourize murder, publicize paranoia to “explain” motives of an obviously mentally ill young man, shame his innocent parents, and upset the friends and parents of those he killed and maimed.
And we all know why you did it: in order to win the ratings war.

And your crocodile tears to the NYTimes makes the whole matter even more disgusting.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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