When reading about the story of protests in Colorado over the raising of a memorial statue to a fallen U.S. Soldier, one is tempted to feel that Americans have lost every vestige of manhood that it ever possessed. Just the very fact that someone would be so free of patriotism and testosterone that they’d protest this statue should be enough to affirm that there are no men left in the nation… or at least in the state of Colorado. Fortunately, the final analysis of the case tends to affirm the opposite, but the very fact that someone was ignorant enough to protest this memorial to an American hero is enough to rankle the American spirit.

Danny Dietz was a Navy SEAL from Littleton, Colorado who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005. Dietz’ family and the City of Littleton combined efforts to have a statue to his memory erected near Goddard Middle School, Centennial Elementary and Community School for the Gifted.

The statue is a representation of the young Dietz in a kneeling position, in full battle dress, matching one of the last pictures taken of him in the field in Afghanistan. He wears his battle harness with clips and pockets about his chest and cradled in his arms is, of course, his service weapon.

Naturally, it is the presence of the weapon that caused the love of community and patriotism to drain right out of the hearts of some of Littleton’s weakest citizens. Why, we can’t have a statue to a fallen soldier carrying a weapon, right? That would be so gauche, wouldn’t it? And this monstrous statue is to be put near a school, yet! What, they must think, will become of us all if our children could catch a glimpse of an evil, evil gun in the hands of an imperialist oppressor as they toddled off to school each day? Shouldn’t this statue be shoved far off into a corner where no one will have the misfortune to be forced to view it, they probably wonder?

To bolster their fainthearted and self immolating case, the protesters use the shootings at Columbine as a reason for their concerns. It will be remembered that the Columbine shootings were perpetrated nearby and these overly protective and anti-American “citizens” fear that this statue will somehow cause children to relive that horrible incident every time they pass the statue — even though many of the children that will be attending the schools near the memorial site weren’t even old enough to remember the incident, some not even yet alive.

According to reports, the ringleader of the wimp brigade is Linda Cuesta whose child was attending Columbine High School during the attacks in 1999. She claimed that it would somehow be a mistake to put the statue where hundreds of children would pass it every day.

“After our experience with Columbine and the clear message of nonviolence that we teach within the Littleton schools – honestly, what are we thinking?” Cuesta babbled.

Yes, what are we thinking, Linda?

Are we thinking about raising a statue to a wild-eyed, misfit who brought a gun to school and murdered his fellow students before being a coward enough to off himself? Or are we thinking about memorializing the bravery of a fallen soldier who risked his life in Afghanistan to fight for the right of children there to even be allowed to attend a school?

And are we talking about a community of children so feint of heart as to lapse into a state of perpetual fear just at the sight of this memorial? Further, are we assuming that Littleton’s children are so stupid that they cannot tell the difference between a murderer and a member of the U.S. Military who fell in battle?

What are we thinking?

After listening to your tirade Mz. Cuesta, I’m thinking about how badly you have educated your children if they cannot tell the difference between a murderer and a soldier. I’m thinking about how you are teaching them that America is evil, that guns are evil, that the military should be despised, that the desires of the majority of the community should be trampled upon by the tender sensibilities of the mentally unbalanced of your area? I am also thinking of why your husband has allowed himself to be so cowed by you that he doesn’t speak sense to you to stop this foolish campaign?

What are we thinking, indeed?

Needless to say the protests came as a shock to many in the community.

State Senator Steve Ward couldn’t understand the protest of the memorial. “This is pathetic,” he said. “What’s next? Take the bombs bursting in air out of the Star Spangled Banner?”

The Dietz family was also floored by the affront.

Cindy Dietz, the Mother of the fallen, said, “The last few days have been pretty difficult for our family, but not nearly as difficult as losing our son. We understand that a small number of people don’t want us to erect this sculpture. Ironically, D.J. died defending their right to disagree.”

“Difficult”, she says.

During a time when a quite gratitude and resolve should be experienced by the grieving family of a fallen hero, these ignorant fools bring “difficulty” to the family by trying to whip up opposition to the memorial for their son. Bringing an anti-gun, anti-military political argument into the lives of a family whose son has given his last full measure for his country is inexcusable and cruel.

However, I am gratified that the attempts of these few anti-social, extremists to politicize the clearly unpolitical have failed miserably. Despite their attempts to wreak havoc, the memorial will go ahead, the plans not altered by the scare tactics or protests.

After a unanimous approval, City officials are proceeding with the contract for the sculpture and all plans will proceed with no deviation.

City Spokesman Chris Harguth said, “We respect that there are differing opinions out there, and we respect the right of our citizens to voice their opinions.” But he went on to say, “The feedback we’ve received in the city manager’s office has been overwhelmingly in favor of this project.”

So, we can rest assured that the skulking, hatemongers of Littleton got their chance to speak out against the U.S. Military, got to air their vitriol at the Deitz family, and got the chance to try and bring their fringe political agenda to the table to derail this memorial. Their shrill voice was heard.

The system worked. Our American principles of freedom of speech and freedom of political expression were fulfilled. Sadly, propriety and comportment were eschewed, but at least the worst of society lost this particular battle.

And the best thing is that the City of Littleton got to prove that they do, indeed, have some resolve left in their spines and that their patriotism is not to be doubted despite the few of their citizens that do not deserve the freedoms they have, freedoms that Danny Deitz died to protect.

The memorial is set for July 4th of this year and if you are anywhere near Littlleton, Colorado, stop by the park and participate in a moment of silence for an true American hero.

Rest in Peace Petty Officer 2nd Class Danny Deitz. Thanks for your service from a grateful nation.

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