Jammeh blasts his critics! Will the UN react! Dr.Mbowe By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie, Banjul Paid for And Commissioned by the Freedom Newspaper. President Yaya Jammeh has vowed that come end of 2007, The Gambia would stand tall among community of nations as a country where cure is found to such diseases described as incurable.Mr Jammeh also asked the nations that do not have the interest of The Gambia and her people at heart to get lost as his government is interested to work in tandem with only those country’s that do not only dish out money to the country but also love the country on purely humanitarian-basis. He also pointed out his sensitivity to people who praise-sing him for monetary gains or to curry favour.The Gambian leader made these remarks in Banjul and Buffer Zone in Tallinding over the weekend. Addressing tens of thousands of people that marched from Radio Syd at the outskirt of Banjul to July 22 Square in the city centre on Friday to show their solidarity to him for what the organizers say his breakthrough in finding cure to Aids, asthma and diabetes, the Gambian president was overly optimistic that come end of 2007, cure would be found to diseases classified as incurable. Brandishing the Quran with his right hand and a sword in the left hand, President Jammeh assured that he would come up with a cure for diseases such as asthma, diabetes and Hiv/Aids before the end of this year. ” Those who are unhappy with what I am doing, prepare for the worst,” he told an apparently over-excited crowd.In what could be seen as a diplomatic verbal warfare, President Jammeh charged that The Gambia knows her true friend who are always with her wherever she goes.” These are the genuine friends not those who would only give out money. True friendship goes beyond money,” Mr Jammeh was convinced. In another development, the Gambian leader yesterday took to the streets in what many show as an exhibition of youthful exuberance. The Gambian leader was in the mood to show his followers, Gambians and non-Gambians that lined the street as well as millions of television and radio audiences across the country that he was still in form. His promenade from Westfield Junction to Buffer Zone in Tallinding was beamed on the national television and broadcast live on the state radio. On reaching Buffer Zone, Mr Jammeh and his followers were met on arrival by party officials, senior government functionaries, among others, for a wild festivity to mark his landslide victory in the last presidential elections as well as his party’s comfortable victory in the legislative polls of September 2006. Though, the festivity as well as the Friday’s solidarity march were described as a waste of state resources, Dr. Jammeh used the opportunity to warn those he called praise-singers to know that he was aware. He queried that some people would praise-sing him only to get pecuniary compensation or to curry favour, adding that this would not be condoned anymore. He also made it clear that it would take him only five minutes to remove any civil servant for unconcerned posture towards his party members and supporters. ” Some civil servants are reported to have no time for APRC supporters but let them know that it will take me only five minutes to sack them,” Mr Jammeh told the Buffer Zone rally. All rights reserved. Copying or re-writing our pieces without the expressed permission of this leading paper is prohibited. News Organizations and Research institutions interested in using our pieces are free to contact the editor before culling our stories. Such organizations must also give credit to Freedom before using our materials. We thank you for your attention. The editor can be reached at the following addresses:editor@freedomnewspaper.com, or panderrymbai@gmail.com If you know that it’s happening or is about to happen please contact us. It’s easy. Just type your info on our contact us file and then click send. The Freedom Newspaper is your leading and most authoritative source of news. We have the required professionals to serve you round the clock. Get your morning breakfast news by reading Freedom. We have good stuffs every morning. At Freedom, we mean business. Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, May 29, 2007) Posted by PNMBAI Contributed by PNMBAI Return Copyright 2006 (c) Freedom Newspaper

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