Blogger News Article Guidelines.


To be considered for publication articles need to be a minimum of 200 words, however the preferred length is in the 400-800 word range. The 200 word minimum should only be used for breaking news stories where there are few facts known.

All articles should be spell checked and have reasonable grammar. Paragraphs should not be indented, but there should be one blank line between them.

Article Creation Issues

Most people prefer to create their articles ‘offline’ and without doubt this is a good idea. However some care is required in moving the content into WordPress. The BNN web site is template driven and can only accept certain HTML tags.

The most common problem we encounter are articles that have been copy/paste direct from MS Word or OpenOffice. Both of these products use the <font tag, and this causes the article to be displayed using the incorrect font.

Even a cut/paste from another Blogging platform causes issues, Windows Live uses the <if Blank Paragraph, Blogger uses <H tags, and the list goes on and on.

The method that is preferred is to strip the tags out. One method is to develop the article in MS Word, then copy/paste into Wordpad. This removes all of the tags. Then copy/paste into WordPress. At this point you can add your links and pictures.


For reviews please include a graphic of the cover art and a link to the Amazon page where it can be purchased, this should be a standard link (I.E. no affiliate programs).

For News articles please include at least one supporting link to another news organizations coverage of the story.

If there are relevant articles on BNN please link to them. A good example are reviews, if you review a book and interview the author please cross link the articles.

The ‘half’ story is not permitted. We will not publish articles that end ‘For the rest of the story click here [where here is a link to your story hosted elsewhere].

If you include quotes from another source please attribute them to that source. As in: The New York Times commented “Blogger News is great”.

Original Content

All articles must be original and not previously published online. We also ask that if you are going to cross post to other sites that Blogger News has a 4 hour exclusive.


We have an open/anonymous comment policy, do not ‘close’ the comments on a story. We do monitor comments closely and remove any offensive ones. If for some reason you have an issue with a comment, please email Jan ( and she will investigate.


We do not publish advertising articles.

Links to your own site and signatures

Authors are encouraged to have a signature on each article. This can contain a link to their site, and this should be at the very bottom of the article: Joe is a Fishmonger in Seattle and blogs at

Notes for reviewers.

The preferred format for the title is: Book Review: <i>Title Of Book</i> by Author Name

All words except ‘by’ should have the first letter capitalized.

other review types include:
TV Review:
Movie Review:
CD Review:
DVD Review:

Often with music and movie reviews there will be additional assets available, these may include trailers, stills, or links to the artist/movie web site. Please try to include these assets in your review.