Boozy actor Daniel Baldwin was arrested yesterday in Detroit on a California warrant for grand theft auto — even though the car’s owner says Baldwin didn’t steal his car:

“I’ve been best of friends with Daniel for 20 years and he had permission to borrow my car anytime he wanted it. He was staying at my house and my cousin gave him the keys to the car. My girlfriend noticed the car was missing and called the police. This is just a big mistake. I’ve been trying for months to communicate this to the court.”

Baldwin, I believe, said it best:

In a voicemail left with the Detroit Free Press, the actor said the accusation “is erroneous and a mistake. … It isn’t true. … I’m sober today, and I’m working real hard on my career and becoming a productive member of society.”

Baldwin has been in the D working on a low-budget horror film, Little Red Devil, with Milford-based film company Skeleton Factory. He’s reported to be playing the title role — which would seem to indicate that the 6’2″ Baldwin is playing Detroit’s own nain rouge, a mythical red dwarf who haunts the city and appears directly before terrible events (such as the 1805 fire, or the surrender of the city during the War of 1812.)

This constitutes “becoming a productive member of society”?

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